Participation: Pray and Help Nepal

Do you want to help Nepalese earthquake victims?  The first place to start, which should always be the first place, is to pray.

If you are having a hard time with that task, you’re not alone.  Check out this blog post from a fellow Christian.

Bronwyn Lea's blog regarding Christian issues.
Bronwyn Lea’s blog regarding Christian issues.

After praying, you may feel God is directing you to help.  In times like these, no contribution is too small.  A dollar per person really adds up!

Here are a couple of lists of reputable charities helping the Napalese.  Some are Christian-owned organizations.

Quartz, a business blog owned by Atlantic Media, has put together a list of reputable charities.

So has USA Today.


Before contributing to an aid group, research its legitimacy. Sites such asCharityNavigator.org, which evaluates charities’ accountability and finances, can help you avoid scams that prey on people’s generosity in the wake of major disasters. -good advice from USA Today


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