Refugees, Terrorism and Shibboleth

This morning when I logged into Facebook, the very first post that I saw was about signing a petition to encourage the U.S. government to take in more Syrian refugees. A couple of days ago, I tweeted about Pope Francis encouraging churches in Europe to adopt one refugee family.  My tweet stated that I thought… Continue reading Refugees, Terrorism and Shibboleth

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Be a 15-minute advocate

It’s hard.  You work, take care of your family and home, run the kids to what seems like endless activities, volunteer, and have social obligations.  You barely have time to breath, let alone have time to become an advocate. But what if I told you that you could help Christians who are being persecuted in… Continue reading Be a 15-minute advocate

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Ernie from Virginia

A few weeks ago our pastor talked to the kids in the congregation about Christian fellowship and relationship. One of the members of our church had family visiting.  Her grandson Ernie is still on my mind today. Aside from being a very cute and polite young boy, Ernie happily joined the kids at the front… Continue reading Ernie from Virginia


Do not be silent, Lord

Every year, month and day, more and more Christians are being persecuted in ways we in the west can only imagine. We are presented with horrible news about our fellow Christians every day. This week, Syria captured our attention, and we were disgusted with what we saw. People on social media and journalists were appalled… Continue reading Do not be silent, Lord