Horrible News

I am blessed to live in a valley that is surrounded by the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.  No matter where you are within at least a 25 mile radius, you see hills and sky, even when you are on top of one of the hills.

Just like every place else, where I live has its advantages and disadvantages.  But the one thing that no one can deny is that the natural surroundings are absolutely beautiful and a constant reminder of God’s word.

At least once a day, I make it a habit to look outside and recite one of my favorite scriptures.
Ps 121

These two verses bring me comfort because they remind me that regardless of what is happening in the world, God is in control.

Being involved with the persecuted church isn’t easy.  In fact, most days it’s downright depressing, because in order to pray and advocate for our suffering brothers and sisters, you have to keep up on the news.

Most people don’t like the news.  Last night, my husband and I went to a party with a bunch of friends, and someone brought up something in the news.  We were having a discussion about it, when my friend Lisa said that she doesn’t ever watch the news because it gives her too many negative thoughts.

A lot of people think that way and I can definitely see their point.  The news is filled with war, heinous crime, hatred, racism, financial trouble, disaster, and every horrible thing you can think of.

And when you’re reading a number of different news sources about Christian persecution, the stories are much, much worse than the regular news.

There are some days when the news about what is happening to our fellow Christians weighs so heavy on my heart, mind and soul, that I have to take a break from it for a few days.

It’s not that I stop praying on those days, but I have to stop reading the news, just because there’s so much work to be done on behalf of the persecuted that I don’t know where to begin.

I know that’s not very encouraging if you are considering involvement in this all important ministry.

But this is where Psalm 121 comes in.

If you want to become more involved with the persecuted church, these are the things that you absolutely must remember:

  1. You will hear stories from so many parts of the world that it will be overwhelming. Expect it to happen from time to time.  But . . .
  2. You have to pray for and help the persecuted, and remember that you cannot solve the problem or stop it from happening.
  3. Regardless of how it seems, God is in control at all times.  This is comforting and restorative to your soul.
  4. Even though praying and advocating for the persecuted is hard and heavy on your soul, you cannot ever stop.

As Christians, we are called to pray for and help each other. We are supposed to do this even when it’s hard and becomes too much to bear.

We cannot ignore the horrible news of our brothers and sisters because it’s too, too much for us to handle, or we feel so helpless to do anything at all.

We have to remember that we have the most powerful helper in the entire world.

God doesn’t say that we have to bear the burden of helping our fellow brothers and sisters alone.  No, he says that he will sustain us and help us.

Who else but God could help us complete such an overwhelmingly sad task of helping the persecuted? 

There’s comfort in knowing that God doesn’t expect us to do this work alone, or to even come up with a solution to stop it.  That’s his job, and he will put an end to the horrible news someday soon.

feel free to print this bookmark out as a reminder that God is our helper in all things, especially in the ministry to the persecuted.
Feel free to print this bookmark out as a reminder that God is our helper in all things, especially in the ministry to the persecuted.

Pray with me:

Thank you, Lord for being our helper.  Thank you for helping sustain those who are persecuted for your name’s sake.  And thank you for helping us to remain strong in our ministry to them.

We ask that you be with your children who are persecuted, strengthening their bodies and souls so that they can withstand the evil in this world.

And we ask that you strengthen our resolve to minister to them.

Keep all your children from this time forth and forevermore.

In Jesus’ name we pray,



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