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Ernie from Virginia

A few weeks ago our pastor talked to the kids in the congregation about Christian fellowship and relationship.

One of the members of our church had family visiting.  Her grandson Ernie is still on my mind today.

Aside from being a very cute and polite young boy, Ernie happily joined the kids at the front of the church for children’s time, smiling as he sat next to the pastor.

The pastor asked the rest of the kids if they knew Ernie.  A few did, but most did not.

Then the pastor asked them what they would think if he told them Ernie was his brother.

Most of them just looked around at each other.  Not knowing how to answer.

The pastor explained that when you’re a Christian, it doesn’t matter where you live and what family you’re born into, because we’re all brothers and sisters and part of the Christian family.

He added that just like “regular” brothers and sisters, we may have difference of opinions and argue sometimes, but in the end we are joined together in one glorious family and should love and care for one another, just like brothers and sisters in a family do.

Here are a few pictures of other members of our family:

ethiopiaTamirat was arrested following a disagreement with his Muslim roommate over money and imprisoned for allegedly desecrating the Quran. He was tricked into signing a false confession and sentenced to three years in jail. In prison Tamirat felt forgotten. “For many months I didn’t know that Christians were praying for me.” (read more)

150904_nepal (1)

Today in Nepal, a Christian woman can legally share her faith and a Hindu man can openly give his life to Christ.

However, their right to do these things could soon vanish. If a draft for a new constitution is approved, Nepal could move from a secular state to a Hindu state and Christians caught in these activities could be arrested. (read more)

Rev. Carballeda with wife and son
Rev. Carballeda with wife and son

A Cuban pastor has been released after six months in prison without trial.Rev Jesús Noel Carballeda, 45, from Havana was being held in Valle Grande prison in San Antonio de los Baños for holding unauthorised religious services. He was released on 31 August. (read more)

These are but three people and groups of people who are just like Ernie from Virginia.  They are our brothers and sisters and need to be in our thoughts, prayers.  Let us mourn when they do, and rejoice with them.

Pray with me:

Father, thank you for adopting us all into your family through your son. Help us to remember ALL of our family members in prayer.  Move us to help all of our family members who are in need, just as we would help our flesh & blood siblings.

Be with all of our brothers and sisters, especially those struggling or those who are experiencing persecution.

We give thanks to you for constantly being with all of your children and for answering our prayers.

In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen


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