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Weekly Watch (with Breaking News)

Each week Christian Persecution Report will highlight stories about persecution that you might have missed.

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Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau releases new video denying surrender of himself or Boko Haram or that he would step down as leader of the jihadist militant group that has killed over an estimated 20,000 people and causing millions of Nigerians to flee their homes. Boko Haram targets Muslims and Christians in order to impose Islamic law in Northeast Nigeria. – Source: Vanguard (Nigeria); Apr. 01, 2016

The video has not yet been release online for viewing.  Christian Persecution Report will post video on it’s Facebook page when it becomes available. 

Pray for the people of Nigeria, that Boko Haram’s terror over their nation soon comes to an end.



Australian Refugee Council CEO Paul Power criticizes Australian government of “cherry-picking” Christian Syrian refugees, ignoring that the “vast majority” of Syrian Refugees are Muslim.  Andrew Harper, head of the UN Refugee agency in Jordan, also criticizes Australia’s bias:”We are aware that some countries would prefer to take Christians or other minorities but that does not necessarily mean that they are the most vulnerable.”- Source: Sophie McNeil, ABC News Australia; Mar. 31, 2016

Europe – FYI

Moscow: Russian Orthodox Church and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association are hosting a Christian leader summit in Moscow in October 2016.  The theme for the summit

is Christian persecution . About 1000 delegates from around the world are expected to attend the Moscow event. – Source: Herald Malaysia OnlineApr. 01, 2016

North America – Praise

Photo: John Molseed/Courier Staff

Waterloo, IA: Rev. David Epela Ngongo, a pastor who once fled Christian Persecution Congo, Africa, unites African refugees from several nations and tribes in one church to worship God together, learn how to assimilate into American society in Iowa while maintaining their own identity, and care for one another. Many members of the church have also fled persecution. -Source: Tim Jamison, The CourierMar. 27, 2016




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