United we stand, divided we fall prey

As the results of the Brexit vote came in this past week, the first thing that came to my mind was

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

That is, together we stand a chance against those who do not believe in religious freedom, but divided we will surely fall and become prey for tyrants.

While some are worried about what the British exit from the European Union means to the economy, stock markets, hate-mongering and other issues, I am concerned about what the landmark vote means to those of us who advocate for religious freedoms and what it could mean for thousands and thousands of Christians around the world.

The International Business Times reported that in the wake of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, ISIS leaders are already calling for attacks on vulnerable European states to further weaken the union. ISIS leaders are rejoicing because they know that western governments are weakened when they are divided and are easier to attack.

We all know that divide and conquer is a common strategy used in various situations, including warfare. When one side is able to divide a union, it is more likely that the opposition will win the battle or argument. This is what ISIS is hoping for.

In wake of the Brexit vote, there were speculations that other nations might be next to leave the union.  Perhaps ISIS will get their wish.

And if ISIS gets its wish for the European Union to fall, weakening each individual union member’s ability to stand guard against the kind of terrorism that leaves no room for freedom of worship, what will that mean for the U.S.?

Or worse . . . what will that mean for the Christian church and Christians around the world?

All this week I’ll examine answers to those questions.


Exiting News! 
I am in the process of writing a 30-day devotional called  
Battle Hymn: A 30-day devotional encouraging prayer on behalf of the persecuted
I am hoping to finish and have it published by the end of September.  




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