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Weekly Saint: Gayle Williams

October 20, 2008 was a pretty unremarkable day; not much happened that carried a great deal of historical significance.

Except for one family who had their world turned upside down.

On that day in October of 2008, Gayle Williams of England and South Africa, was shot in the street by two men on a motorbike while on her way to work in Kabul, Afghanistan.

“Shortly after the attack” (ChassayThe Guardian), a Taliban spokesperson said that Williams had been “targeted for preaching Christianity.”

Williams, worked with SERVE Afghanistan to help “the poorest and most unfortunate children in a land cursed by misfortune. She took young boys and girls who had lost limbs to landmines, those who were blind and deaf, and taught them the basics of survival.” (TweedieThe Telegraph)

Mike Lyth, chairman of SERVE Afghanistan, said that while the organization was Christian based, neither Williams nor anyone in the organization at the office where Williams worked were involved in proseltyzing. (Percival; The Guardian)


Photo courtesy of The Telegraph, UK; Tweedie 2008

Williams is buried in the British cemetery in Kabul, as per her wishes.

Gayle Williams is a modern-day saint. She was killed for no other reason than being a Christian in a place where it is extremely dangerous to believe in Jesus.  Her mother, sister, friends and coworkers have no doubt that Williams was aware of the danger facing her to work for a Christian organization in Afghanistan (Independent, UK).  Yet, Gayle Williams believed with her whole heart that she was accepting God’s calling to work there anyway.

May God’s peace be with her friends, coworkers and family.



Thank you Lord, for Gayle Williams.  Thank you for her example on how to be strong and brave in our faith.  Thank you for raising up Gayle Williams and other like her to work in places that are extremely dangerous for Christians, so that they may be a light for you in a very dark place. Please be with all of your people in Afghanistan.  Bring your word and peace to this country. Help us to be just like Gayle Williams – fearful in our work and witness to you.

In Jesus’ name we pray,



Weekly Saint appears each Monday on Christian Persecution Report. 



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