Weekly Saint: The 1st Korean Priest

Good Monday morning and Happy Weekly Saint Day here at Christian Persecution Report. Today, we’re going to take a brief look at Andrew Kim Tae-gon, the first Korean Roman Catholic Priest. In the many, many years leading up to Andrew Kim Tae-gon’s martyrdom, thousands of Christians in Korea were killed for their faith, so it’s a little… Continue reading Weekly Saint: The 1st Korean Priest


Weekly Saint: The 2 Joans of Amersham

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s the day that we celebrate accomplishments of women throughout history. I’m late getting to the “Weekly Saint”, which I normally post on Mondays, due to some computer issues. But, perhaps God has a reason, because I am drawn to telling you the story of two women from Amersham: Joan… Continue reading Weekly Saint: The 2 Joans of Amersham

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Wallis and Futuna

Day two of our “Around the World in 40 days series” where we’re traveling the world together during Lent, meeting our fellow Christians, and learning about their country. Yesterday, we visited Cameroon. Today we’re off to Wallis and Futuna. Where?!?!? See the marker? That’s where these three French islands are in the South Pacific. Let’s… Continue reading Wallis and Futuna

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Around the world in 40 days

I don’t know if you caught the end of my last post, but I have a plan for Lent. Lent lasts 46 days from Ash Wednesday until midnight the night before Easter Sunday (Holy Saturday). If you take out the six Mondays during Lent that I will continue to write the “Weekly Saint” series, we’ll… Continue reading Around the world in 40 days

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Today a lot of us celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It’s a day that is customarily known for symbolism and display of love. We celebrate it by giving those whom we love flowers, jewelry, cards, chocolates, and other gifts of affection. But, we don’t hear a lot about St. Valentine himself any more. Traditional Valentine Legend Sometime… Continue reading Valentine