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It’s day 3 of our “Around the World in 40 days” Lenten series.  We’re traveling the world through our computers and devices, checking in with our fellow Christians and learning some new things.  So far we’ve visited Cameroon and Wallis & Futuna. Today we’re skipping over to Sweden. The first part of writing process is… Continue reading Sweden

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Wallis and Futuna

Day two of our “Around the World in 40 days series” where we’re traveling the world together during Lent, meeting our fellow Christians, and learning about their country. Yesterday, we visited Cameroon. Today we’re off to Wallis and Futuna. Where?!?!? See the marker? That’s where these three French islands are in the South Pacific. Let’s… Continue reading Wallis and Futuna

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Good morning!  Welcome to the first day of Lent, and to our first in the “Around the World in 40 Days” series where we’ll explore a different country each day, except on Mondays. Today, we travel to Cameroon. Now there’s a country we don’t often hear about in the news in this part of the… Continue reading Cameroon