Mission organizations

There are quite a few mission organizations that aid persecuted Christians.  This is a list of reputable organizations where you can find updated information, ways to advocate for persecuted Christians, prayer requests and ways to financially support the persecuted.

None of these organizations are affiliated with this blog.





Charity Navigator score: 89.04 out of 100 (84.51 for financial responsibility and 100 for transparency)



Charity Navigator score: 87.54 out of 100 (82.65 for financial responsibility and 97 for transparency)


Charity Navigator score: 92.02 out of 100 (97.50 for financial responsibility and 89 for transparency)

There are many more organizations, both in the U.S. and worldwide, that help persecuted Christians.  However, many of them are not rated on Charity Navigator for many different reasons, and I prefer to recommend only those organizations that have long-standing proven track records and which are accountable and transparent of their financial records and ministry activities.  When more data is available on other organizations, I will update this list.