How you can help

Six meaningful ways to help persecuted Christians:

  1. Pray, and pray some more.  If you do only one thing to benefit persecuted Christians, let this be the one thing.  It’s been well documented by every mission organization that the first thing persecuted Christians ask of us is to pray for them. Remember them in your daily prayers and encourage others to pray also.
  2. Advocate on their behalf.  The internet has made it easy to spread the news about the fate of so many Christians in the world.  There are many mission organizations that post online petitions to governmental officials that you can electronically sign and encourage others to sign and share social media posts about persecution.  You can also share stories and news articles in your church and among your friends.
  3. Become a volunteer for a mission organization that helps persecuted Christians.
  4. Financially support missionaries and mission organizations working hard in areas of the world where persecution is a daily occurrence or threat.  Encourage your church mission team or denominational board to support them, too.
  5. Study scriptures about persecution.  Knowing what God says about persecution will help prepare your heart and mind to situations of persecution and will help you understand why this happens.
  6. Read, learn and follow. Read books about persecution.  Learn all that you can about the topic.  Follow a blog, such as this one, or tweets about persecution, and sign up for social media pages.  Follow them regularly.  The more you know, the better you will be prepared for persecution and the better equipped you will be to help.






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